The utlimate WordPress jump start

The ultimate WordPress jump start.

Responsive Design

Natively responsive.


Tons of awesome free addons.


Built on Twitter Bootstrap.

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We've packaged the Theme Blvd framework into a blank Parent theme framework that’ll give you the ultimate WordPress Jump Start.

What is Jump Start?

Simply put, Jump Start is an awesome WordPress theme with a simple, responsive default look. It comes with a flexible HTML5 markup structure, a full-range of user features, and all the actions and filters you’ll need to fully customize it from a Child theme.

Upload Jump Start, activate a Child theme, and you’re off!

Starter Child Themes

Looking for a quick way to get started and see what Jump Start is all about? Then you’ll want to get going with one of the free starter Child themes included with your purchase.

Each sample Child theme gives you a slightly different structural starting point for your design. Each one is setup with a style.css ready for you to hack away at.

CSS Hackers Welcome

We've set Jump Start up in a way where the default look you see is consolidated to the standard style.css file, while all of the little framework elements and complicated stuff is kept separate.

You're free to setup a blank Child theme and work from it in the standard way, or you can use our "safe-CSS hacker" method incorporated into our included starter Child themes.

Actual Theme Files

We've enjoyed making a great theme framework with an extensive action hook system and flexible markup structure, but we've made sure not to forget what makes a WordPress theme a WordPress theme.

When you open up one of our standard theme files like index.php, page.php, etc, you're going to see what already looks familiar to you as a WordPress developer.

Total Control

We've come up the perfect combination of readable WordPress theme files and efficient action hooks.

You'll be amazed at just how flexible the Theme Blvd framework's action hook system is. Just about everything is hooked or filtered in some way to give you total control from your Child theme.

Template Parts

So, you need to edit how content is displayed within a page, but action hooks just aren't cutting it for you? Jump Start comes with a re-vitalized take on WordPress template parts.

Preserve Jump Start's markup structure and copy content-page.php to your Child theme to get rolling. Or maybe you want to swap in a different file? There's a filter for that!

Awesome Plugins

The Theme Blvd framework is so extendable, it would be hard to not release some pretty awesome plugins like the Layout Builder, Slider Manager, Widget Area Manager, and many more.

We're not looking to lock you in and then sell you the parts you need for your site. Instead, you can find all of our plugins available for free in the plugin repository.

Built with Bootstrap

The Theme Blvd framework is subtly built on top of the infamous Twitter Bootstrap.

The idea here is to give you all the tools to create a truly awesome Child theme on top of a great foundation, but still give you the chance to show your unique design and make it your own. You’ll love having Bootstrap and FontAwesome at your fingertips.

Flexible Widget Areas

Jump Start comes packaged with 6 widget area "locations" — two fixed sidebars and four collapsible locations.

When combined with our Widget Areas plugin, these locations can then be swapped out with any custom widget areas you create for specific pages or sections of your website.

Developer Docs

Still pondering the mystery that is Jump Start? And wondering what it’s really all about?

Whether you’re using Jump Start, another commercial Theme Blvd WordPress theme, or you’re just a casual web surfer, you already have complete access to our growing library of developer tutorials.

User Docs

No matter what your development knowledge is, the fact is that Jump Start and all Theme Blvd themes provide a great user experience.

If you've used any other Theme Blvd theme, you'll already know how to use Jump Start as a WordPress user. But if not, you'll have our comprehensive user documentation file complete with tons of awesome video tutorials to get you started.