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  • What is different about Jump Start compared to other Theme Blvd themes?

    Conceptually, Jump Start allows you to create a more unique, personalized design for your website. One of the major features that makes this possible are theme bases.

    Alternatively, while they still have many user options and the same developer extendability, other Theme Blvd themes generally come with a more specific, focused visual design that is built on top of the existing theme framework.

  • What is the Theme Blvd WordPress framework?

    The Theme Blvd Framework powers Jump Start and all of our commercial WordPress themes.

    Some other popular WordPress themes currently running the latest version include Denali and Gnar. Also, we have some more classic themes using it like Alyeska, Swagger and Akita.

  • What are theme bases?

    Theme bases allow you to choose how you want to work with the theme. They allow us to provide you with variations of the theme that act as a bridge between between the framework and your child theme, if you choose to use one.

    The first base is the "Developer" base. This base leaves all default framework action hooks in place and contains less stylistic options on the theme options page — Checkout the Developer Demo.

    Next, we have the "Super User" theme base; this base takes the default design and adds a multitude of stylistic options to your theme options page to control the visual design of your theme. The rest of the theme bases take this "super user" concept, but also provide slightly different variations of of the theme's overall design.

    In the theme's main demo, the "Agent" theme base is used.

  • Who is Jump Start for?

    You do not have to be a developer to do big things with Jump Start. Whether you're a user, a developer, or anyone in between you can use Jump Start to build a unique design for your website. We combine the best of both worlds by incorporating theme bases.

    This means that you can work with Jump Start in many different ways. If you're a developer looking to code a completely custom design, you can utilize the Developer base, and go crazy with all of the framework's extendability from your child theme. If you're not, you can choose to work through all the user options Jump Start allows you to enable.

    Or, if you're like most of us, you can use the layout builder, user options, a child theme, and work somewhere in between!

Sales & Support

  • How does licensing work?

    The Jump Start WordPress theme, itself, is licensed under GPL.

    With the purchase amount of $89, you will also receive a license for support and access to updates, for the term of one year. This applies to an unlimited number of websites, which are operated and controlled by you, the license holder.

    After this term, you will need to renew your license to continue receiving support and updates. You can do this from your account page. License renewals will receive a 25% discount from the $89.00 price.

    You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service any time at:

  • How do refunds work?

    With your purchase of Jump Start, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can email us at and request a refund.

    Refunds are only for the Jump Start product, itself. If we have provided you with additional theme setup service, these service fees are non-refundable.

  • What does support include?

    We only offer support for Jump Start, and features and functionality unique to it (beyond that of WordPress). Please note that we cannot assist with general WordPress support or provide you with theme modifications and customizations in any capacity within our complimentary theme support.

  • How do I make updates to the theme?

    You can download updates manually here at our website by logging into the account you purchased the theme with. This is will give you access to all theme files and demo data.

    Alternatively, you can setup in-dashboard updates with the license key provided with your purchase. Please see the following article for instructions for instructions: Jump Start Updates

  • How do I know if there's an update to the theme?

    At any time you can check your theme's live changelog to see if an update has been posted. It can be easily accessed through your WordPress admin by going to Appearance > Theme Options and looking in the footer of the page.

    Additionally, here's the direct link:


  • What is a child theme?

    A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme. So, in other words, Jump Start is your parent theme, and you'll use your child theme to hold any code customizations you want to make to it.

    Learn more about the sample child theme included in your theme package — Watch Video

  • Do I need a child theme?

    If you're not making code customization, you do not need to use a child theme. By code customizations, we're generally referring to customizing code outside the scope of the WordPress admin panel features — usually this means making CSS, PHP, and HTML modifications to theme files.

    With that said, if this is a new concept for you, you may want to take some time to look into it. It's only natural that you're going to go through the progression of moving towards this stage later on, with the more WordPress sites you create and the experience you gain.

  • Can I make code customizations without a child theme?

    Please never make code customizations directly to the parent theme. Always, always make code customizations from a child theme. If you've made code customizations directly to the parent theme, we're not able to support you. Over time, this will inevitably lock you into your current version of the theme and make it difficult to ever update.

  • Do the live demos use a child theme?

    Nope. All live demos presented show examples of websites, created strictly through Jump Start user options from the WordPress admin.

  • Does support include customizations?

    Please remember that support does not include providing you with customizations. We do our best to help buyers we can see are trying to make their own customizations and nudge them in the right direction, or point them to the proper documentation within our developer docs website. However, with that said, please do not expect that you can simply post a customization and we will provide it to you.

    Make sure to view our support terms for more information.

  • Do you provide paid customizations?

    Unfortunately, no we do not directly provide paid theme customizations, at this time. If you're looking to get affordable customizations to your Jump Start theme by a developer, checkout Envato Studio.

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