Font Awesome Extension

Extend Jump Start’s implementation of Font Awesome 5. Add more icons from the free version or implement the pro version.

By default, Jump Start includes a custom build of the Font Awesome 5’s free version; this custom build comes with the solid and brand icon styles.

If you’d like to include a custom build of Font Awesome 5 or just all of the styles from the free version, you can use this extension to do that. And for you Font Awesome Pro customers, you can use this extension to implement it into Jump Start.


  • Include a new Font Awesome JavaScript file with all the icon styles you’re including.
  • Include a new data file, making all icons searchable in Jump Start’s admin icon browser.
  • Select a default icon style to be used when one is not specified.


Configuration screen for the plugin at Settings > Font Awesome.
This screenshot demonstrates Font Awesome 5 pro being implemented into Jump Start’s admin icon browser.
In this screenshot, we’ve used our extension to add all icons and styles from Font Awesome Pro. And next, we’ve selected the “light” style as the default icon style to be used, when one isn’t specified. You can see the default-configured icons in the header falling back to the new “light” style, which Jump Start doesn’t include by default.


Note: This extension does NOT include files from Font Awesome 5 Pro. To implement Font Awesome 5’s pro version with Jump Start, you will need to purchase both this extension and Font Awesome Pro.
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