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Ready-to-Go Demos

We're always continuing to create more demos for you. Use them as inspiration or a starting point for your next website. In your download package, we include all of the sample data you need. We even extend the default WordPress importer tool, to allow you to create an exact copy of the demo and all of its settings.


Responsive Design

In today's market, every theme seems to be tagged as responsive, but not every theme should be treated equal. We've crafted our entire theme framework to display beautifully whether you're on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile device.

Responsive Design

Retina & HiDPI Support

The theme displays beautifully across all devices, no matter the screen quality or pixel density. From a simple HiDPI logo option, to vector icons, to CSS tricks, let your website display at its best.



We provide great support for the WordPress menu system and your website's main menu. Dropdown menus are smart and never go outside of the browser window. Also, you you can easily incorporate FontAwesome icons into menu items (watch video). Oh, and don't forgot about no-click menu items, for when your client won't give you any content for that top-level page (watch video).

WordPress Menus

And as a little bonus, don't forget about the "highlight" menu class for those top-level call-to-action buttons.

WordPress Menus

Mega Menus

Let's face it. Often, our clients just have way too many pages we need to incorporate into the main menu. Luckily, our framework comes with the capability for simple, beautiful mega menus built right in. — Watch Video

WordPress Mega Menus

Side Panel

If you haven't caught onto the pattern yet, we realize that your clients are going to give you more pages than your design can handle, and we want to help you with that. The optional side panel is another way to breakup your navigation. You can use it as the stand-alone menu for your website, or combine it with the standard main menu.

Side Panel Menu

Transparent Header

For any page on your website, where you want that big, featured media to display prominently at the top, you can select for the header to be transparent. — Watch Video

Transparent Header

If you're looking to make sure your website visitors always have an eye on your site's main menu, make sure to utilize the framework's sticky menu.

Sticky Header


A subtle but cool feature built into the framework you can enable is the scroll-to-top button that appears as your website visitor scrolls down the page.

Scroll-to-Top Button

No plugins needed for breadcrumbs. Get breadcrumbs built right into the theme that look great and match the framework, beautifully. They're also extremely extendable for developers and are already compatible with plugins such as Portfolios, bbPress and WooCommerce.


Posts & Sharing

Post Displays

Our framework has a unique system for displaying posts, which includes four styles: Blog, List, Grid and Showcase. Whether you're configuring archive options, using the layout builder, applying page templates, or inserting shortcodes, you've got these four, configurable post displays available to you.


Post Formats

Full post format support is built right into the framework. With many theme authors out there incorporating post formats in a slightly different way, we provide with you a simple video overview of exactly how to work with post formats in Jump Start. — Watch Video



As discussed above, the framework already comes with various ways to display custom groups of posts in different styles. But for those wanting to separate and display portfolio items from standard blog posts, we've got a great Portfolios plugin that integrates perfectly with Jump Start.

Portfolios WordPress Plugin

Portfolios WordPress Plugin

Readable, Full Width Content

When you're creating your pages and posts, you can select between different sidebar layouts. When selecting a full-width sidebar layout for a page or post, we've given you the option to create more readable narrow text. This is a current, popular trend in blogging, which allows your content to be easily read and free of distraction.

Readable Blog Content

Twitter Integration

For integration into your Theme Blvd theme of the latest Twitter API, use our plugin, Tweeple. It’ll allow you to setup Twitter feeds to pull a user's public timeline, public list, favorite tweets, or a custom search term, phrase, or hashtag.


Social Sharing

Allowing your readers to share your blog posts across popular social media networks is a must in this day-and-age, and we've got you covered there.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Author Info Boxes

For your blog posts and author archives, you have the option to configure your author info box which will help to identify you as the author to your readers.


You don't need a plugin to display related posts to your readers because it's right into your theme. Choose to enable it or not.

Note: Our framework's related posts implementation works by simply pulling posts randomly from the same tag or category (your choice) of the current post. There's no extremely database intensive MySQL indexing and search, like most third-party related posts plugins.

Related Posts

Related Posts


Not that any theme out there doesn't support WordPress's nested comments, we just wanted an excuse to post some screenshots of the beautfiully styled comments and comment form.



Archive Info Boxes

Similar to author info boxes, you can also add info boxes for WordPress category and tag archives.

Archive Info Boxes


True WordPress Admin Experience

We think the WordPress admin is beautiful, and we don't want to change that. We work hard to make sure everything we build into the admin fits in, and enhance, the WordPress experience.

Getting going with Jump Start is easier than you'd think. Make sure to checkout the video, General Overview & First Steps. Whether you've imported a demo or not, this video will introduce you to the framework.

Quick Install

After you've installed Jump Start, we make it quick and easy to install all the recommended plugins with just a few clicks. — Watch Video

Easy Demo Import

Jump Start extends the default WordPress importer, allowing you to copy any of our live demos through a familiar interface. — Watch Video

Seamless Updates

Your purchased license key enables you to seamlessly integrate Jump Start into the core WordPress theme update system.


Theme Bases

Theme Bases are probably one of Jump Start's most unique features. They've been called the "themes within the theme" by a lot of customers, as each base can vary the theme's design and user options.

This allows us to provide you with a product that gives you the best of both worlds. Typical multipurpose WordPress themes give you so many options and features, they become overwhelming, bloated, and difficult to use or extend. Alternatively, barebones theme frameworks sell you child themes, but then making any kind of minor code customization makes that child theme you purchased very difficult to ever update or manage.

So, theme bases allow us to provide you with variations of the theme, without ever messing with the integrity of your personal child theme, if you choose to use one. Over time, we're not looking to sell you child themes like some other frameworks, but instead we want your continued yearly renewal, as we add more theme bases to Jump Start and you create more websites.

And for those of you that want to completely tare apart Jump Start and code your unique design, there's the "Developer" base, which disables the added stylistic user options and design changes, that you don't need.

Theme Bases

Theme Options

We've put a lot of time into creating a theme options page that gives you extreme versatility, but also blends in with your WordPress editing experience and is easy to use. Oh, and it's totally extendable for developers, if that's something you're into (view articles).

Theme Bases


We know the logos of your website are important to you and your client's brand identity. This is why we've made sure to give you a lot of customization here. You can choose to use retina-compatible images or text for your logos. Also, you can choose to setup separate logos for your main website header, your transparent header and your mobile header.



Your typography options are another area where we've continued to improve recently, as we understand the importance of this to designers with a keen eye for detail. We allow you to configure fonts for several different areas of your website, giving you the power to mix several typefaces for typographical variety.

For each font you configure, you can select from a list of common web-safe fonts, or input any font from Google Font Directory or Typekit. You can also select a custom style and specific font weight.

Typography Options - Google Font and Typekit


Layout Builder

Crafted exclusively for our framework, we pride our layout builder plugin on giving you the freedom to create those epic, stand-out pages on your site, while giving you an end-user experience that blends in, and enhances, the beauty of editing with WordPress. — Watch Video

  • Drag-and-drop friendly, with integration into default WordPress editor
  • 45+ layout builder elements
  • Unlimited sections for elements, supporting video & parallax backgrounds
  • Create page-specific layouts or re-usable templates — Watch Video
  • Default sample layouts included — Watch Video
  • Homepage integration — Watch Video
  • Extendable for developers — View Tutorials

Layout Builder

Page Templates

For those of you that prefer a classic WordPress way of creating those special pages on your site, we've included several handy page templates.

  • Archives

    Display a list of your site's posts, categories and monthly archives. Great for SEO. — See Preview

  • Blank Page

    A quick way to display information for a landing or coming soon page, without the distraction of the rest of the theme. — See Preview

  • Blog

    Display a configurable set of posts in the "Blog" post display style. — See Preview

  • Naked Page

    Display a page without any background around the content. Only relevent if you've setup the theme in a way that bounds the content (default demo #1 is not setup like this). — For example, maybe you're dropping in the shortcode for a third-party plugin, that replaces the content and has it's own styling. In this case, you may not want the content boxed like a standard page.

  • Post Grid

    Display a configurable set of posts in the "Post Grid" post display style. — See Preview

  • Post List

    Display a configurable set of posts in the "Post List" post display style. — See Preview

  • Post Showcase

    Display a configurable set of posts in the "Post Showcase" post display style. — See Preview

  • Redirect

    A simple way to redirect an old page somewhere else, by simply applying the template and replacing the content with the forwarding URL. — See Preview

  • Sitemap

    Display a list of your site's pages and posts. Great for SEO. — See Preview

Page Templates

Throughout your theme options, archive options and directly editing individual posts and pages, you're able to choose between six sidebar layouts.

Sidebar Layouts

Many other themes use the WordPress page template feature to change the sidebar layout; however we incorporate this as a separate option, allowing for you to combine any sidebar layout with any page template.

Sidebar Layouts

Your website's footer is going to display across your entire website; so, it's nothing to take lightly. We've built in quite a robust system for editing your footer from your Theme Options page. You can adjust the number of columns and the widths of those columns. Also, you can pick how you want to populate those columns, whether it's text, widgets, shortcodes, or HTML.

Footer Options

Footer Options

Hiding Header & Footer

The marketing gurus will tell you the importance of hiding the unnecessarily distracting elements on a landing page, where you're looking to convert a sale. This is why we give you the option to easily hide the header and footer on any given page or post of your site. And if you're building a page through the Layout Builder, combining it with this option will allow you to create a powerful landing page.

Theme Layout


With our shortcodes plugin, there’s an entire suite of shortcodes, which work exclusively with our framework. It also provides a great shortcode generator that blends seamlessly into your WordPress editing experience.


Widget Areas

Combine our widgets areas plugin with two sidebar locations and several collapsible, horizontal widget area locations for ads, and you can create an unlimited number of custom widget areas to swap in for any location on any page of your website. This system is also extendable for developers, if that's a route you'd like to go down (view articles).

Widget Areas


For a few extra useful widgets, like the "Mini Post List" widget shown in the screenshot below, make sure to install our widgets plugin.


Archive Options

Looking to setup specific designs for certain WordPress category and tag archives? Checkout the options our framework adds when you're editing a category or tag through the standard WordPress admin pages.

Archive Options


Featured Media

For those lucky enough to have clients who provide nice, large images we give you a few options for prominently displaying those on your pages and posts. This is completely optional, of course.

WordPress Featured Images

WordPress Featured Images

Featured Image Links

With so many ways to display posts on your website, it's nice for each post to have it's own setting for how it's featured image will link, no matter where it's shown. You can link featured images to their posts, to a custom URL, or to media in a lightbox.

WordPress Featured Images

WordPress Featured Images

Popout Images

If you're looking to create beautiful, distraction-free posts and pages that focus on your content, combining full-size images with narrow, readable content is great.

WordPress Featured Images

WordPress Featured Images

Responsive Images & Video

As part of the core of Bootstrap, you can be assured all of your images are responsive. And when it comes to WordPress embedded media like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., we filter in the needed changes to make sure it's always responsive.

Responsive Images And Video

Background Video

Our layout builder triggers the framework's support for background video, allowing you to place big, eye-catching video behind your elements. You can display background video from YouTube, Vimeo, or your own media library.

WordPress Background Video

WordPress Background Video

Parallax Backgrounds

Our framework adds smooth, subtle parallax backgrounds crafted with the latest JavaScript and CSS animation for efficient browser rendering.

WordPress Background Video

WordPress Background Video

With our classic featured image link options, default WordPress galleries, and our [lightbox] shortcode, comes fully responsive lightbox integration for linking to images and video.

WordPress Lightbox


Valid Markup

Jump Start is coded with modern browsers, mobile devices, and SEO in mind, and employs the latest valid HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques.


Jump Start is subtly built on top of the infamous Bootstrap 3. From the grid system to the components, it's nice to have such a popular frontend framework at your fingertips.

FontAwesome 5

Packaged with FontAwesome 5, Jump Start gives you the capability to easily choose from over 600+ icons throughout many theme features. You can also implement the pro version with our FontAwesome Extension.


It's difficult to provide a theme with so many potential features, but still cut the bloat. So, our framework is quite conscientious about only loading components, as needed, and moving things to optional plugins that shouldn't be part of the theme.


The framework outputs valid, semantic markup ideal for SEO. Also, all relevant WordPress core components are properly left in place, which is ideal for you to extend your SEO to the next level with a plugin like Yoast SEO.

Google Analytics

Easily tracking your website's traffic and user behavior through your Google Analytics dashboard, without any added complication is important. We've published the Simple Analytics plugin that allows you to do just that.



Jump Start is localization-ready to the latest WordPress standards. Within the theme, you'll find a .pot file to get started.

RTL Support

Through every piece of our framework, we do our best to provide automated RTL support, that kicks in when you activate an RTL language.


For creating multilingual websites, we've teamed up with the folks at WPML to make sure our theme is certified to be used with their plugin.


Build It Your Way

With all of the end-user features that Jump Start gives you, we take so much pride in building such a robust, extendable theme framework for developers. As you dig through the theme's code, you'll see that just about everything is hooked or filtered in some way, and you can modify it all from your own child theme or plugin.

Most people aren't all-knowing, super developers or absolute beginners, destined to never touch a child theme. In reality, most of us are somewhere in between; we're always wanting to learn, grow, and do more.

With Jump Start, there really are so many ways to work with the theme. If you want end-user features, you've got them. But as you create more websites, you'll inevitably find that you want to start doing more from your child theme. As this happens, you can start to disable the end-user features of Jump Start you no longer need.

Child Theme Included

Included in your theme package is a blank child theme all setup for you to work perfectly with our framework.

Actions & Filters

Almost everything in the framework is hooked or filtered in some way, ready for you to extend it.

Developer Docs

We've got a growing library of articles for developers working with our framework over at dev.themeblvd.com.

Theme Options API

The framework includes a set of functions, which allow you to take control of the theme options page, to setup a tailored client experience.

Widget Areas API

The framework includes a set of functions, which allow you to extend our widget areas plugin to create custom locations.

Layout Builder API

The framework includes a set of functions, which allow you to extend our layout builder plugin to create custom elements.


Plugin Integration

For some of the most popular plugins out there, we've built in some exclusive integration. But we're always thinking about bloat and overhead in the theme. So, our plugin compatibility system is setup in a way where the required code for each plugin is only loaded if that plugin is installed.


WooCommerce is the most popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress, and we add some beautiful integration.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the one of the leading WordPress plugins for adding forms to your website.


If you're wanting to create a multilingual website, WPML is the go-to WordPress plugin.

Yoast SEO

If you're looking to take your website's search engine optimization (SEO) to next level, Jump Start works perfect with Yoast SEO.


If you're wanting to build a community within your website, the bbPress forums plugin is created and managed by the same folks behind WordPress.

Revolution Slider

If you want to create fancy sliders beyond what we give you, check out the Revolution Slider plugin, which will integrate into our layout builder.


A Commitment to Quality, Timely Support

With so many WordPress solution competitors, at Theme Blvd, we've managed to thrive on providing quality, helpful support to customers in a timely fashion since 2009.

We do our best to always point you in the right direction and provide you with fair support for all features specific to our products. And with that, we are also always working to grow both our user documentation and developer documentation, where we provide a ton of helpful articles and video tutorials.

View Video Tutorials and Documentation

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